Boy Abunda, Asia’s King of Talk

boy_abunda_1324774284“Mula nung dumating sa buhay ko si Marites Allen, of course I’ve been hearing a lot of things about feng shui, dati ang aking paniniwala ay pag maganda halimbawa ang feng shui for a certain year, paniwalaan mo, pag di maganda wag mong paniwalaan. When Marites came to my life parang nabago n’ya kasi si Marites has a solution to almost everything. It’s about Marites’s disposition, it’s about her, it’s about feng shui, it’s about the messenger, di ba parang ang gaan gaan, ang saya saya, ang ganda ganda. She’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s one of the sexiest women in the world. she’s not shy about being prosperous, she’s very generous, so it’s about her.

She’s able to present common sense in a way that I can actually hug it. I can hug a bright future, prosperous future, I welcome my blessings. That’s Marites. Basically, I am a disciple of Marites Allen. yes, kumpleto po ako ng mga trinkets, kumpleto po ako ng mga charms, sa aking bahay, sa bags ko and you know what, hanggang sa wallets for receipts and for cash, they worked. Ganun lang ka simple yun, and you know what, I am not going into a debate as to whether this is true or not. The story is when I use all these things that Marites gives me, they worked.”

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