Congratulations, Marites Allen!

It’s official! Marites Allen is the first and only British-Filipina feng shui expert to be conferred the Master in Feng Shui title by the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA). The conferment was done by the prestigious organization during its 10th International Feng Shui Convention last November 16 in Singapore.

IFSA Association is a non-profit organization that spearheads the global cultivation, awareness and appreciation of Feng Shui as a profession by fostering the highest standards of competence and practice within the industry.

To distinguish certified masters from self-appointed feng shui experts, the Executive Committee of IFSA Singapore conducts a strict accreditation process that involves a professional review of the applicant’s competence. To qualify, the practitioner must possess relevant feng shui certification from approved feng shui schools, must have practiced or consulted for a certain number of years, must at least be an associate member of IFSA, and must pass an oral interview by the Executive Committee.

Having met all these criteria, Marites has been awarded the title of “Master” and is now allowed to affix the initials AFSM (Accredited Feng Shui Master) to her name.

Marites is also a member of the prestigious feng shui societies of London, Singapore, and the World of Feng Shui Malaysia. She has been practicing and consulting for over 10 years.

From left: Grandmaster Vincent Koh, Great Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, Master Marites Allen, Grandmaster Tan Khoon Yong, Grandmaster Raymund Lo.

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