eumir_villanueva_1322534050Feng Shui is not magic. This is the statement that stuck to my mind after my one-on-one consultation with Marites Allen. I simply followed some of the advice Marites told me and the results are simply amazing and in a very short span of time at that! It is like a switch that I simply turned on.

There is really nothing wrong in following feng shui because it is just a simple guide–a very practical guide at that. Combine that guide with hard work, perseverance plus sheer optimism and a definite advantage in business, relationships and life in general will be on your side.

Furthermore, I also learned that feng shui is not pure superstition because of the many valuable practical applications it has in our lives. Marites imparted to me a very simple lesson–do good deeds to others and luck will be very easy to come by even without charms and enhancements.

Indeed feng shui is not magic but it works like one! Still, nothing should substitute for our absolute faith in God and good deeds to others.

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