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Tha Good Life – by John Paul “JP” Tanchanco

Welcome the Year of the Wooden horse with feng shui items to attract money, health, romance and good luck.

I dropped by Marites Allen’s World of Feng Shui Store (WOFS) at Glorietta 4 to check out some items they have in store for the Lunar New Year.

World of Feng Shui

WOFS is an international retail franchise shop created by Lilian Too from Malaysia. Allen is responsible for setting up its Philippine branches in selected malls around Manila.

WOFS has been a popular go-to place for everyone interested in feng shui charms and home items.

During my visit, I was happy to chat with their store assistant, Maria Larsamana, who was busy charging some items in a Tibetan singing bowl. She explained how their feng shui items can be beneficial to their customers.

“Our stores are not just for Chinese clients. We are patronized by Pinoys and other foreign tourists. Customers use our feng shui items to bring in positive energy into their homes and lives,” said Larsamana.

According to reports from modern-day psychologists, feng shui works through the power of the positive sub-conscious symbolism.

“Our charms have positive psychological effects. It can help people and their environment embody positive energy that attract their desires and create goodness in life,” Larsamana said.

Here are a few of the feng shui charms that compliment the Year of the Horse. They are generally used to usher in good vibes in the areas of success, wealth, love and health.


The Pi-Yao with sword is used as personal protection from all type of negative energies and arguments.

“The Pi-Yao is an auspicous Chinese mythical bird used to convert all type of negative energy and bad feng shui into positive energies of success and harmonious relationships between people in your business such as partners, customers and clients,” Larsamana said.

The Jeweled Elephants have Ruyi scepters and Tibetan mantras. They are used as a symbol for dominion, power, authority and luxury.

“These elephants bring auspicious luck and luxury. The Ruyi scepter can also be beneficial to attract successful deals, promotions and career progression,” Larsamana said.


Pi-Xiu is a symbol of good fortune in the form of a heavenly creature. It is said to be a money catcher.

“Aside from attracting money, the Pi-Xiu eats and converts negative energy into money and gold. It does not have an excretory system so its nature is to accumulate money and wealth. It is said to have a voracious appetite for gold and silver. It also likes to bring his master wealth from all directions,” Larsamana said.

The wish-fulfilling Tree bears fruits of apples, berries and heart jewels to bring abundance, peace and happiness into your life and business affairs.

“Business people can put their calling cards beside the tree. The tree can be combined with money-tree posters that have dollar signs and clovers to affirm good luck and money profits.”


Double Happiness with Love Birds is used to attract happy, romantic, intimate and all type of social relationships.

Kuan Yin with thousand arms and Om Mani Padme Hum crystal ball with lotus promote peace and harmony. It protects one from negativity and removes all obstacles in all types of relationships such as work personal and family relationships.


The Wu Lou is also known as a Calabash or Gourd. It was once used in ancient china for storage of medicine and water.

“The Wu Lou symbol combined with 8 immortals bestows long life, youthful vibrancy, happiness, good health and protects against illness,” said Larsamana.

The 8 immortals are used for longevity. They were Taoist symbols of humans who lived with physical immortal health. They also serve as protection against sickness and also help attract prosperity in life.

Feng shui clothing

I was surprised to find out that aside from home items and charms, WOFS also sells feng shui clothing under several brands such as Frigga.

So for those of you who want to use feng shui items to affirm the best for the year of the wooden horse, visit or contact World of Feng Shui.

World of Feng Shui branches are at Glorietta 4 (+632-818-8858), SM North EDSA (+632442-0113), SM Mall of Asia (+632-556-0615), Serendra Piazza (+632-659-2405), SM Mega Mall (+632-470-7661), and Cash and Carry (+632-736 0512).

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