Lucky Fashion Forecast for the Year of the Wood Horse

(published in The Manila Times, January 31, 2014)

The practice of feng shui, the Chinese art of placement, goes back hundred years and has grown in popularity throughout Asia and the West. Traditionally, it harmonizes the directions and the correct positioning or spaces to conform to the principles of auspiciousness and good fortune. Basic to that practice is the influence of the five cosmic elements – Wood Earth, Fire, Metal, and Water – to every human activity and aspiration.

“Even to those who claim they don’t believe in feng shui, its practical applications are all over us in this modern world,” says London-based international feng shui expert Marites Allen. She cites the latest iPhone line from Apple as an example, she notes that the five colors of its mass-priced line reflect the five feng shui elements: Green (Wood), White (Metal), Red (Fire), Yellow (Earth) and Blue (Water). Even the choice of the Pantone color of the year for clothing follows the feng shui directions, she adds.

There are many new ways in applying the feng shui principles to daily living in order to attract positive energies. One of these applications is in the field of auspicious fashion embodied in the European brand Frigga (www.


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