Marites Allen in EU lifestyle publication

Feng shui and lucky fashion tips from international feng shui master Marites Allen are featured in the latest issue of the Filipino Expat Magazine.

The Filipino Expat Magazine is a bimonthly magazine that prides itself to be the first and only lifestyle and living magazine for Filipino expatriates in Europe. It defines Filipino expatriates as all those who left our Motherland to live, work and study abroad, either temporarily or for good.

A new publication. The Filipino Expat Magazine was released only in May 2013 but has already reached a considerable number of Filipinos in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, the Philippines as well as other countries in Europe.

To read the articles, please click on the link below.

Choose Issue 5 The Third Culture Generation.

Go to page 16 for “Fashion: Know how to wear your luck this Year of the Wood Horse” and page 20 for “Shopping: Check out the auspicious charms and amulets this 2014.”


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