Mhay Garcia, Hotel Manager, Philippines

mhay_garcia_n_1398132039“When I saw Ms. Allen’s posts on the latest Frigga designs, I thought I could use a Horse-printed top for added Fire energy. It was under a lot of stress because I needed to boost the hotel memberships of my team. That Thursday morning, I had only six sales in the morning. I called up Frigga store at Glorietta (tel 8188858) to reserve the item I wanted and picked it up that evening. Before I went to work the next day, I offered incense and made a wish. I also prayed the rosary and kept rubbing my new blouse designed with the galloping horse and auspicious coins, while praying for at least 20 sales. I held a briefing with my staff that noon and learned that five more sales came in. Late that afternoon we got another three (3) and by late evening, we had a total of sixteen. I was feeling so excited, but then I remember that my paycheck has not come in yet. I called up the Frigga staff at Glorietta to request some “energizing” rituals for me. After 15 minutes, my paycheck and another sale came in. I slept at the hotel and the following day, I continued to wish and pray. And like miracle, I got five more sales. I asked for 20 and I was given more than that! I was jumping like crazy. I get goose bumps when I remember what I went through and I am happy to share it with you hoping that others will also be inspired by my feng shui experience. Check out for lucky fashion each month for your sign, who knows you might be luckier?”

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