miri_1295228001My dear young dog got TERMINALLY ILL WITHOUT ANY CLEAR REASON. The veterinarian did everything but my dog refused to eat and got weaker and weaker. We did everything we could until the doctor said there seemed to be nothing else that could be done. I came home late in the evening and felt empty after all my crying…then I suddenly remembered that the headboard of my bed was facing south (my total loss direction). As a last desperate act, I started to move the heavy bed to head West (my good direction) late at night and went to sleep afterwards, completely exhausted.

Next morning, I was awakened by a phone call from the vet who told me that for the first time in almost ten days, my dog suddenly started to eat late the previous night!! I will never forget this experience. That was the first time I really seriously started to pay attention to Feng Shui.

I LOST A WALLET with 800 dollars cash along with several credit cards, driver’s license, and ID the day before Christmas while on foreign travel. I was told that there was no chance I could get my wallet back. In the middle of January my head office called to inform me that an envelope was sent to the office. When they opened it, they found that it contained my wallet!!! …with all my credit cards, license and ID, AND ALL THE CASH inside!! The envelope was sent from another city (not where I lost it) but the sender had no name so we could not even thank this person (Angel?) WE WERE ALL AMAZED…

In my wallet, I had always kept three Feng Shui coins of luck…they were still there.

Feng Shui is an amazing phenomenon.

I take care of my home and workplace and make it a point to surround myself with auspicious energy.

Miri Kaku



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