Nenita Gata, UK-based British/Filipino nurse

gata_testiminonial_1399597924“I came to the UK in 2005 and like many OFWs I went through a lot of difficulties. Being the eldest of five children I took it as my responsibility to send my siblings to school after my father died. My mother worked as a seamstress. When I attended Ms. Allen’s annual event in the UK two years ago, she taught me how to put together a wealth vase. I put in a lot of auspicious things there, including photos of airline companies because I wanted to travel. Since then, I have been to several countries and my wall is full of souvenir refrigerator magnets of the places I have visited. My siblings had since graduated and all of them are now employed. I have a home in the UK, and there’s a 5-bedroom house in the Philippines that we managed to build. I worked hard for all these, but I believe feng shui helped a lot, too!”

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