Sally Endo, Fukushima (Japan)

sally_endo_from_fukushima_1_1338512641I owe a lot to Yuri Saito/Marilyn Pedro. My life changed for the better because of her. At first I had second thoughts about consulting her but when she implemented changes in my house and taught me my auspicious directions for sleeping and eating, and gave suggestions about my child’s studies, everything went well especially in my business. It was as if everything was a breeze. My child finished college without any problem because of the crystal point mantra that he carried with him.

Last year was an afflicted period for me because I am a Rooster. We experienced a magnitude 9 earthquake in our area and all of our stuff were broken, but the things I bought from Yuri Saito at WOFS, which she said I must have because Roosters were afflicted that year, were spared and hardly had any scratches. We were without gasoline, food and a lot more because all stores were closed. To my surprise, help from my clients poured in. People evacuated but we didn’t leave. Every establishment was closed and only my club was open with the help of my staff who were all my astrological allies, which was another thing that Ate Yuri taught me. She said that I should hire people who are astrologically compatible with me.

I performed incense ritual everyday and my five-element ringing bell also proved to be lucky for me. Today I have no fear of whatever disasters that may come. Because of feng shui and Ate Yuri, my life changed. If not for her advice as a friend, I wouldn’t have been protected. Thank you, Ate Yuri for your tireless assistance. I used to be shy, but now I have a lot of friends and I even got to meet and know my idol, Ms. Marites Allen. There are a lot of other people who could also benefit from the expertise of Ate Yuri Saito in the same I did, because she is a generous and kind-hearted person. I thank the Lord for the opportunity of discovering the importance of feng shui in a person’s life.

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