Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Fashion Icon and Columnist

tessa_1292998533[Feng shui ] can only enhance 30% and that’s malaking bagay na, di ba and everything. I also hear people say that it’s anti-religion but I keep saying that it’s like energies. For me, it’s like gravity. You can’t see it but it exists. It’s not like, you believe in it but you won’t do anything about it. I mean you still have to work hard, you still have to do charities and everything like that. It’s just a matter of aligning yourself and talagang harnessing what’s already there. You still go around the basic principles of being good and trying to be helpful to others, but still you know… like for me I’m born in the year of the Rabbit so I’m not supposed to be having a good year, so I’ll just double up on my charity work and stuff. So there.

I never miss to give support and attend Marites Allen’s annual event…it truly gives us a heads up on how to maximize our luck for the next year….cool! Similarly I also make sure Marites is present during my Chinese New Year party at home.

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