The makings of a lucky fashion brand

(published in The PHilippine Star, January 26, 2014)

After15 years of feng shui practice and successful business pursuits, good fortune continues to follow Marites Allen. Aside from getting her British citizenship recently, she was also awarded the prestigious title “Master in Feng Shui” by the world-renowned International Feng Shui Association. She has also published a lucky fashion book in time for the Chinese New Year — the first of its kind in the country and elsewhere.

Her book, the Marites Allen Lucky Fashion Guide 2014 Year of the Horse, is a handy reference containing personalized fashion forecast based on one’s zodiac animal sign, and features the latest collection in her newlylaunched fashion brand, Frigga.

Frigga is a major deity in Norse mythology, the perfect wife and mother who Marites has adopted as the symbol of the modern woman. She is the realization of a dream that combines two things that Marites loves the most — fashion and feng shui. Frigga is a contemporary and affordable fashion label rooted in the ancient practice of feng shui. It is meant to enhance the good flow of feng shui chi by wearing clothes that attract good energies and deflect bad ones. The fashion line was launched in August 12, 2012 at the Chelsea Town Hall in London. Beauty queen and actress Ruffa Gutierrez flew in to co-host the well-attended event. In October last year, a special preview was arranged for the media with eventologist Tim Yap as host.

Lucky fashion: then and now

In the old days in China, only the royal families could wear robes especially designed to endow them with good luck. Marites thought, if it was done in the past, we certainly can do it now. “I am often asked to recommend lucky clothes to wear on special occasions, especially during the Chinese New Year. People ask me for lucky colors, what to wear to pass exams, to attract love, to be in good health, and so on. That made me realize that there’s that demand from our existing clients that I can satisfy by combining fashion and feng shui, and that’s how Frigga was born.”

Impassioned by her new concept, Marites attended and completed various fashion courses at the prestigious London College of Fashion. She then assigned a team of London’s top fashion designers to fully develop the Frigga brand. Using her meticulously-prepared feng shui forecast for each animal sign, the team makes its own creative interpretation by combining the forecast guidelines with the latest European fashion trends. The result: original and unique designs infused with auspiciousness meant for individual personalities and specific aspirations.

For its new collection, Frigga features the Pantone colors that will dominate the 2014 fashion palette in the major European fashion houses. After the Chinese New Year collection, there will be design updates for Spring/ Summer 2014. “Fabulous fabrics, chic style, lucky prints, and unique design,” Marites says, “are the qualities that set Frigga above other brands.”

Frigga is an international brand owned by the House of Allen Ltd. of London. It is registered in 27 European countries and selected cities in Asia.

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